Monday, October 19, 2015

last day of England adventures

We began the day with a early trip to the butchers! Paul was keen to teach us about choosing good meat. The butcher was Australian and so friendly - that was my favourite part about the butchers! Then Paul cooked up a big breakfast of toast, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, and pork 'n beans - that is one hearty breakfast! Steve absolutely loved it. I gave my sausage to the dog and he took his time eating it...on their carpet...I almost died that I would get caught giving him my leftovers!!

Then my friend Heather and her partner Ian picked us up and took us on a hike and we geo-cached!! That was so fun! Ian gave us a geo cache coin to register and plant somewhere in Canada and follow who finds and moves it next : )

Then we went back into London to visit the Imperial War Time museum - that was heavy. We spent a long time in the WWI exhibition and Steve got to learn more about snipers during that war. We were interested in the Secret Agent exhibition - that was interesting and real! Then there was a huge holocaust exhibition - we were running out of time AND I can honestly say, I am not emotionally strong enough to have stayed and seen the whole exhibit. Wow. Powerful and traumatic.

Then we went shopping at Covent Gardens for my new leather jacket - yay! Now, just to find some boots to match...

We really went to the London ballet! I worked on my English accent all day saying "bawlay" but I don't think I ever pulled it off! This ballet was 3 mini shows in one and my favourite was the Kings Dance - symbolizes King Louis XVI who introduced ballet and trained in it with other men - so ballet began as a man's art. It was a powerful dance with fire and strength and lots of emotion. I'm so glad we went!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

long drives, teas, and walks

We left Porlock this morning at 8:30 and drove home on the highway for 4 hours - and unfortunately we missed a turn off to another highway and we did some back road navigating - Woking - you are a scary black hole!! We made it home to Fiona's by 1:30 and had time to shower and tidy up before heading out to meet one of my clients in Shere for cream tea and scones!

I went for a walk on some gorgeous grounds today with another one of my clients. Polesden Lacey is an estate just down the road from Fiona's home - a tucked away amazing estate that the family can not afford to upkeep so they give it to the National Trust to take care of (volunteer organization that keeps the heritage alive and well).

Dinner was out to The Onslow Arms pub - lovely food, good beers. Actually we are finding that the beers are quite light in the pubs but in the liquor stores there are better ones! Funny and surprising to us. We were too full for dessert!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

tea, castle, cliffs and moors, oh my!

Cream tea and scones with clotted cream and jam for breakfast!! My jam was whortleberry - I know!?! The server was the son of the mom and dad who ran the tea shop and he was hilarious and friendly - he and his dad taught us about clotted cream (after Kate Barnes mentioned it the other day).

Then we drove off to Dunster's castle!! A real castle in the English countryside!! We spent hours there wandering, taking photos, visiting a medieval village (and shopping there!) and going to The Stag pub in that village and having lunch in their beer garden - it was beyond heavenly!! We sat in the sunshine having a sandwich, goat cheese salad, beers, and apple pie with toffee and pudding in and on it! What up?!! so yummy.


We couldn't help it...after that we still wanted to walk in the country but close to the beach - so we went to Bossington (next village to Porlock) and walked up the cliffs and saw the moors and beach!!! We saw the sun set as well. We keep taking deep breaths and accepting our blessings to see such incredible sites. Dinner was at the Castle Pub and we're having an early night of relaxing - ahhhhh!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

an English country adventure!

land that Jane walked everyday with her sister
Today we left for Porlock in Exmoor National Park - west side of England on the water. Fiona has a lovely townhouse there and we left at about 9:45 am with 4 different maps sitting on my lap!! LOL! We went a more country route so that we might pass by Stonehenge, but country back roads are no easy task - hahahah! There are round abouts every 5 minutes and road signs to every nook and needless to say, we got detoured a few times. But the universe was sure that we were to be sidetracked enough to stumble across Jane Austen's home!! Seriously! It is a museum and we went inside and then had lunch across the road in a pub! Life couldn't get any better!
door to Jane Austen's kitchen

and then we drove to STONEHENGE!!!

lunch ale - Guest beer by London Pride
my dinner...with a knife sticking out of it!! and an Exmoor Ale

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fiona's garden!!

more photos from the Chalk lane hillside

Just another day in paradise!

Today was a lovely visit with my friend Paul at his home!

Then we drove home to Fiona's, to catch the train back into London. We snuck off to a restaurant on the Thames for a shared burger and beers - so yummy!! Then we went to meet Fiona, Heather and Heather's sister Judy (from Kenya) and we went on the London Eye. What a view!

From there we walked over to the parliament buildings and Big Ben, then the Westminister Abbey, and then a bit longer of a walk to Buckingham Palace! The queen was home and her guards were in blue uniforms today : )

We grabbed a quick dinner (scone and waffle - with chocolate, blueberries and whip cream...okay, okay! that was a dessert at dinner - but it was damn good!) and went to see Wicked the broadway play....and I LOVED it! Wow. We had amazing seats as well.

Off to bed by 1:30am - opps!

Sunday's walk, pub and friends!

What another fantastic day!! We went on a lovely walk with Paul and Fiona, Lian, and Marcus on the hillside behind their home. It was a gorgeous sunny day too. I loved the fall colours.

In the early afternoon, Paul took us to Shere  - a cute village (that was used in the movie "the Holiday" and "Four weddings and a funeral") and we have a beer at the White Horse pub. We sat outside and enjoyed the ambiance and talked about our family systems.

When we arrived back the party had already began and I got to visit with many friends. I was so full of joy and laughter. A funny story happened too - their dog Dylan snuck my sweater off the outdoor couch and ran away with it in his mouth - there I was in the yard trying to get it back when others joined in to help me - it was quite hilarious!
your friends send their love home to you mom and dad!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Awakening Refresher - Saturday

HUGS were delivered to Markus, Jonathan, and Vanessa!! They all light up at the sound of mom and dad's names : )

Today was an Awakening Refresher - a one day workshop run by Fiona and Heather - the London support group leaders. We began with a brief check in, a 4 step, a breathe, and then some check-in processes. We went 8:20-7pm at least - because we debriefed before and afterwards. It was a lovely day full of miracles and connection and open hearts. Mom and Dad have beautiful friends.
Steve also got to assist today and rocked it! what a natural.

I got to meet my Prac mate Heather for the first time in person! I got a tour of her home and met her partner - what a treat! I am enjoying immersing myself in people's lives and feeling the heart of UK people - what a cool way to travel : )

We got home to Fiona's late and had dinner with Lian and Markus and Fiona and Paul - lots of inspiring conversations!

Off to bed. Jet lag is still nipping me in the afternoons - phewf!

I also just found out that I am getting to co-teach Prac 1 on Thursday evenings - I'm very excited!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

photos for others...

I was thinking about Tyson liking to play this human version!!

That's right Paula!! It's real!

ummmm Mom and exists!!

guess who I was thinking would enjoy these 2 photos?!!