Tuesday, October 13, 2015

an English country adventure!

land that Jane walked everyday with her sister
Today we left for Porlock in Exmoor National Park - west side of England on the water. Fiona has a lovely townhouse there and we left at about 9:45 am with 4 different maps sitting on my lap!! LOL! We went a more country route so that we might pass by Stonehenge, but country back roads are no easy task - hahahah! There are round abouts every 5 minutes and road signs to every nook and cranny...so needless to say, we got detoured a few times. But the universe was sure that we were to be sidetracked enough to stumble across Jane Austen's home!! Seriously! It is a museum and we went inside and then had lunch across the road in a pub! Life couldn't get any better!
door to Jane Austen's kitchen

and then we drove to STONEHENGE!!!

lunch ale - Guest beer by London Pride
my dinner...with a knife sticking out of it!! and an Exmoor Ale


  1. So fun! I love how you came across Jane Austen's place.... and there was a pub across the road!!! Haha there's pubs EVERYWHERE and British folk think that they are disappearing! Hah. Nice pics and so cool that you saw Stonehenge!

  2. Holy man you couldn't have planned this any better! Sam says "amazing"! Girls are sending you love! Can't wait for more updates....love the pictures! Sometimes it IS WHO you know eh?! Have fun!
    Mum xo


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