Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday's walk, pub and friends!

What another fantastic day!! We went on a lovely walk with Paul and Fiona, Lian, and Marcus on the hillside behind their home. It was a gorgeous sunny day too. I loved the fall colours.

In the early afternoon, Paul took us to Shere  - a cute village (that was used in the movie "the Holiday" and "Four weddings and a funeral") and we have a beer at the White Horse pub. We sat outside and enjoyed the ambiance and talked about our family systems.

When we arrived back the party had already began and I got to visit with many friends. I was so full of joy and laughter. A funny story happened too - their dog Dylan snuck my sweater off the outdoor couch and ran away with it in his mouth - there I was in the yard trying to get it back when others joined in to help me - it was quite hilarious!
your friends send their love home to you mom and dad!

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  1. Holy Cow Leanna! I didn't know you'd meet George too! Wow, we really miss all those guys....we're so glad you got to meet them too! AND, you went to the village where "Holiday" and 4 weddings & a Funeral were filmed....I'm Sooooo jealous! I LOVE those shows! I love that place! You are one lucky girl....but then, I'm lucky 'cause I get to be with your girls for lots of time.....I always feel happy around them! Keep having lots of fun - like you know how to! We missed you around the table tonight....I am "thankful for you and Steve"....Happy Thanksgiving Day !


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