Thursday, October 8, 2015

We really made it!!!!

Vancouver airport - getting in the spirit!

We're here! We're safe! And it is far away - lol! I got to watch 3 movies on the flight - wow - such leisure time.

We landed at 11:30pm our time (7:30am UK time) and Steve drove on the right side of the car and on the left side of the road for his first time - and nailed it!

We drove to Fiona's home and visited with them for a few hours before heading into London by train for the afternoon... we did go see Shakespeare's Measure for Measure play - standing in the yard for 3 hours...this was my first time ever falling asleep while standing up! yikes! The play was AMAZING and funny and well acted and wow - what a cool theatre. We then spent a couple hours walking around on the south side of the Thames river getting orientated. Tomorrow we will go adventure on the north side of the Thames river! So excited. And so tired - finally going to bed here at their 11pm at night (3pm Thurs BC time).
Big Ben in center background, river Thames, and parliment buildings at sunset

Globe theatre - Shakespeare Play!

PS. As we flew in and I could see the country side out the airplane window, I teared up - it looks exactly as I have imagined it, read about it, seen it in movies - I was so moved that it is just as romantics and goreous at I had hoped!!


  1. So glad you guys made it! Fun fun already! So gutsy to be driving there too... haha!

    Keep enjoying yourselves!

  2. Hooray!!! I am so excited for you both!!! You don't look tired!! Have fun and enjoy every moment! Sending tons of love and energy to you both!!! LOVE Paula

  3. Oh, I feel like're really there!!!! You both look so excited - I just know there's lots of fun to come! Hugs to you both!
    Mum xo


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