Saturday, October 10, 2015

Awakening Refresher - Saturday

HUGS were delivered to Markus, Jonathan, and Vanessa!! They all light up at the sound of mom and dad's names : )

Today was an Awakening Refresher - a one day workshop run by Fiona and Heather - the London support group leaders. We began with a brief check in, a 4 step, a breathe, and then some check-in processes. We went 8:20-7pm at least - because we debriefed before and afterwards. It was a lovely day full of miracles and connection and open hearts. Mom and Dad have beautiful friends.
Steve also got to assist today and rocked it! what a natural.

I got to meet my Prac mate Heather for the first time in person! I got a tour of her home and met her partner - what a treat! I am enjoying immersing myself in people's lives and feeling the heart of UK people - what a cool way to travel : )

We got home to Fiona's late and had dinner with Lian and Markus and Fiona and Paul - lots of inspiring conversations!

Off to bed. Jet lag is still nipping me in the afternoons - phewf!

I also just found out that I am getting to co-teach Prac 1 on Thursday evenings - I'm very excited!!


  1. So amazing Leanna....meeting and hugging our friends (now your friends too)! AND co-teaching Prac 1 evening! You'll have such fun! Way to go Steve...assisting! What we give others, we give ourselves! Love you both!
    Mum xo

  2. So beautiful Leanna!!! I am so happy that you get to experience London in such a real way! Way to go Steve!! So proud of you both!! I hope you get caught up on rest and have lots of energy for more exploring soon! Sending you lots of love from this little island to yours!!!


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