Wednesday, October 14, 2015

tea, castle, cliffs and moors, oh my!

Cream tea and scones with clotted cream and jam for breakfast!! My jam was whortleberry - I know!?! The server was the son of the mom and dad who ran the tea shop and he was hilarious and friendly - he and his dad taught us about clotted cream (after Kate Barnes mentioned it the other day).

Then we drove off to Dunster's castle!! A real castle in the English countryside!! We spent hours there wandering, taking photos, visiting a medieval village (and shopping there!) and going to The Stag pub in that village and having lunch in their beer garden - it was beyond heavenly!! We sat in the sunshine having a sandwich, goat cheese salad, beers, and apple pie with toffee and pudding in and on it! What up?!! so yummy.


We couldn't help it...after that we still wanted to walk in the country but close to the beach - so we went to Bossington (next village to Porlock) and walked up the cliffs and saw the moors and beach!!! We saw the sun set as well. We keep taking deep breaths and accepting our blessings to see such incredible sites. Dinner was at the Castle Pub and we're having an early night of relaxing - ahhhhh!

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  1. So much history, so much beauty and clotted cream! You truly are on a journey to beat all journeys! Could I get any more jealous?! Love it! Xo hugs xo


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