Monday, October 19, 2015

last day of England adventures

We began the day with a early trip to the butchers! Paul was keen to teach us about choosing good meat. The butcher was Australian and so friendly - that was my favourite part about the butchers! Then Paul cooked up a big breakfast of toast, fried egg, sausage, mushrooms, and pork 'n beans - that is one hearty breakfast! Steve absolutely loved it. I gave my sausage to the dog and he took his time eating it...on their carpet...I almost died that I would get caught giving him my leftovers!!

Then my friend Heather and her partner Ian picked us up and took us on a hike and we geo-cached!! That was so fun! Ian gave us a geo cache coin to register and plant somewhere in Canada and follow who finds and moves it next : )

Then we went back into London to visit the Imperial War Time museum - that was heavy. We spent a long time in the WWI exhibition and Steve got to learn more about snipers during that war. We were interested in the Secret Agent exhibition - that was interesting and real! Then there was a huge holocaust exhibition - we were running out of time AND I can honestly say, I am not emotionally strong enough to have stayed and seen the whole exhibit. Wow. Powerful and traumatic.

Then we went shopping at Covent Gardens for my new leather jacket - yay! Now, just to find some boots to match...

We really went to the London ballet! I worked on my English accent all day saying "bawlay" but I don't think I ever pulled it off! This ballet was 3 mini shows in one and my favourite was the Kings Dance - symbolizes King Louis XVI who introduced ballet and trained in it with other men - so ballet began as a man's art. It was a powerful dance with fire and strength and lots of emotion. I'm so glad we went!

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