Friday, October 9, 2015

London exploring - Day 2

Today involved a LOT of walking around London, on the North side of the Thames river. Our feet are mighty sore! We walked to St. Paul's Catherdral and sat on the front steps in the sunshine. It was beautifully warm today - yay Oct!!

and then when searching for some little critters...heh heh heh! We eventually had to taxi because where we had to get to was quite far away.

And then we took the "tube" (subway) back. And went to a fun market in Covent Gardens. And we walked and walked around. We spent Friday evening at the National Art Gallery and then has some fun pizza and gelato in an Italian restaurant in the middle of a busy intersection - Charring Cross and Shaftsbury. The train into and out of London takes 50minutes so there is a LOT of traveling time. Steve is getting really good at driving on the left side of the road!!


  1. Wow! So great!!! I actually recognize the painting you are looking at!! It's a Surat (sp?) he was famous for pointalism 😊 I am sooooooo curious as to what you bought at the crazy critter shop! No wonder they are famous!! What beautiful weather too!!

  2. Hi mom its Makayla i love all the sights you have seen but my favorite thing you have seen is the... Can you guess? The calico shop oh yeah i cant belive the walls were filled with calicos oh my gosh it looked so cool! I cant wait to hear about all the cool places you eaten okay bye for now
    Love Makayla!!!


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